Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ethiopian Thali

No, it is not called a thali. I added that as I think that word describes this meal so well.
A and I are just back from our Washington DC trip. This picture is of an Ethiopian meal we ate at a restaurant called Meskerem. A ordered a mixed platter and I got the Chicken dish. The meal was served on a layer of soft bread called Injera, and this was placed on a straw table. The texture of the bread reminded me of our dosa. It was also served on the side to tear and eat. There are no utensils used and everything is enjoyed with fingers.

I have forgotten the names of all the dishes now. There was chicken, beef, lamb, mashed potato, some chutney like thing and a lentil dish. (Tasted so much like plain varan/dal). The food looks spicy but it was not fiery at all.

Vegetarians will be happy here as well as Ethiopian cuisine consists of a number of vegetarian dishes.